Digg Top Users - Last List - Archived


http://www.comteche.com/free-image-hosting/images/3Xw76373.pdf  (PDF Version of Top 30)

Will this effect Diggs as time goes  by Top diggers....

Here are screenshots of the very last list on Page One hours before being taken down

Compare with this Update to see the effects on Diggs as time goes by

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The REAL TOP DIGG Submissions of All TIME

Using the following URL Search String Parameter will bring up the TOP Digg Stories of ALL TIME in order of popularity - including BURIED Stories.


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To the Absolute BOTTOM stories with (-) MINUS Diggs


Digg Top Stories of All Time

This tactic also allows for Searching amount of times a domain has been submited to DIGG - in the ranking order of DIGG Popularity.


This Tool Searches Digg as well as other popular Social Bookmarking/ UGC sites


The Current Year's Top Stories - Officially

Last Year's Top Stories -

Top Commented Stories Past Two Months



Videos & Photos Being Added To Digg Users Submissions Page?

Digg is now adding thumbnail pictures that link to videos - when a Video is submitted as a story.
Very nice touch.   You can click on the thumnail and the video will pop open in a new window, just like clicking on the text link of the submission title.
Perhaps the same could be done for photo submissions.